[SOLVED] HOW reinstall ffp & metarepsody after change disk?

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I am in possession of NAS326 which I had to replace the disk because it was damaged.
I transferred all the data without problems, but I lost the functionality of the ffp and metarepsody (including plex).
When I go to the appstore the apps are present and can be installed, but when I try I always get a general error.
What can I do?
If needed I still have access to my old record.


1 - replace file web_prefix in admin\zy-pkgs
2 - delete all subdirectories under  (in my case MetaRepository)
3- refresh appstore in zyxel interface and install all app you want.TOP!


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  • Megumin
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    Could you tell me more specifically how you were able to get Plex to function? I have been trying to put it on my NAS520 to no avail. I would greatly appreciate your help

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