NAS542 - Performance oscillating between 1MB/s and 110MB/s

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This issue is driving me crazy, too.
I copied all my videos from my NSA325-v2 to my new NAS542 which took some time since the old NSA is quite slow.
I'm now trying to sync the videos (avi / mkv) from the NAS542 towards my mobile Hard Disk (USB 3.0, read and write >> 150MB/s). File size is between 100MB and 5GB.
Sometimes I get > 100MB/s for 20 Seconds, then it goes down to 4-5MB/s for 3 Seconds. Sometimes it's vice versa.
3 Disks are installed (4TB / 6TB / 8TB) and a single volume is created on each of them. I'm reading from a SMB share located on the 8TB Disk (HGST HDN728080ALE604).

The Volumes were created directly on the drives (mdX ist directly mounted to /i-data/********):

/dev/md2                  7.2T      5.3T      1.9T  74% /i-data/e85c9364
/dev/md3                  3.6T      1.8T      1.8T  49% /i-data/1de89a42
/dev/md4                  5.4T    959.0G      4.5T  17% /i-data/2c17c7b0

Any idea?


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