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I turned off the LEDs on my Multy X from the beginning. However, since this morning, a solid red LED has been lit at my first node.
I have no problems with the Internet. The internet connection is established and all my devices are connected via Wifi. But I don't know why the LED is red now. I have restarted the Multy, but the red LED is still on. At the second node nothing is lit as usual. I also can't access the settings in the app anymore and the diagnosis and the test of the backhaul don't work either. Everything loads indefinitely without results. Last night there was a server maintenance at my provider and I had no internet for half an hour. But this was already the case several times and the Multy always did its job without a red LED.
Can anyone help me?
BTW: The Multy runs in bridge mode.


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    Dear @Gagac ,
    1. Please provide your Network topology, please also let us know the device on the wan port of Multy
    2. May I know your current status, is the Multy still glow red, and the Internet is still working?
    3. Can you try to connect your PC to Root Multy and  "ping", will it work?

  • Gagac
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    Thank you for the reply.
    The problem is solved. I disconnected the Multy from the power supply for 3 minutes. After the restart everything was ok again. Since then there are no problems.

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