Set-up Multis with Speedport

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Hi Customer service, I am having Problems to Connect my Multis to my Telekom speedport. Questions asked that are not in your Tutorial....not as easy as described. Can you help me through the process?



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    Dear @hps_1532 ,
    1 When the Multy boot finished, it should glow blue, which means it is ready for the installation.
    2. Then, please plug the Ethernet cable on the WAN port of Multy, and the LAN port of Modem as below topology. 
    Telekom Modem<LAN>--------<WAN>Multy
    3. Please download the Multy App on your phone and start the installation.
    1. Please provide your network topology.
    2. What is the problem when you connect Modem and the Multy? 
    3. Can you provide some screenshots or video to describe your issue?


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