NSA325 Shares intermittently becoming invisible to Windows

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I have a CIFS share on my NSA325 v1 that is dedicated to writing backups from my Windows notebook.  From time to time my backup software (Acronis True Image 2020) fails with error messages reporting that the target share is no longer available.  Rebooting the NSA325 usually fixes this, but I would prefer that it didn't happen at all.  When it does happen, the Acronis software starts referring to the target folder path using a weird string of characters that seems to include the MAC address of the NSA325 as part of the path, and it takes some trouble to persuade it back to finding the share using the \\[computername]\[sharename]\[folder path] syntax.

It is also the case that, when this does happen, all shares on the NSA325 show as "inaccessible" within Windows File Explorer, where they are mapped as drives, so I don't think this is simply a problem with Acronis True Image. 

Can anyone suggest a strategy to diagnose and fix this issue?  To start with, I'd like to know whether the issue is more likely to reside within the NSA325 or, alternatively, within Windows.



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    Has any screenshots about the problem? Can you share the error message?
    Do you enable SMB1 on Windows?
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    SMB1 is already enabled.  Remember this is an intermittent problem, so we can assume that all features necessary to network connection are in place.  What I want to know is why it sometimes fails.  

    Here's an Acronis screenshot from today showing evidence of successful backups in the past few days, then one failure attributed to the NSA325 share being "inaccessible".  The backup is currently retrying and appears to be writing to the share, so evidently it's reappeared.  

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