Zyxel Multi unit consistently (3 hours!) refuses to connect to bluetooth

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Hi, I am trying to install my first Zyxel Multi unit. However it consistently (3 hours!) refuses to connect to bluetooth. Have spoken to a very helpful guy in technical support who has told me that the product will not work with my phone, nor my wife's phone, any Ipad, any PC, or any laptop, nor is it possible set it up manually.
In short, the product is a brick. I think this is the most stupid product I have every come across (which by implication the tech support guy agreed with). It appears that to work it needs a particular version of Bluetooth!

If anyone could come up with a suitable work around I would be very grateful, otherwise it is going back, with an appropriate Amazon review to prevent other people wasting their time and money on a brick.


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    Dear Sir,
    This is Eric from Zyxel HQ.

    1. Please provide the model of your and your mobile phone?
    2. The Bluetooth version of Multy X is BLE 4.1, please make sure that your phone support Bluetooth 4.1 or later.

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