setup 520 new password after login 1234

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having a NAS520, resetted all want to start setting up everything

i log in with admin and 1234 the i have to make my own pasword.

i made one with number, special signs an alfnumeric  for example Secrets01#

when i enter this twice. it says before 1 press submit (password not acording to rules )

What do i wrong?


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  • Mel
    Mel Posts: 83  Ally Member
    Tested the password Secrets01# and it works in my side.
    After you set the password Secrets01#, do you able to login NAS520 via the new password?
    Can you share the screenshots about this problem?

    You can try another way to change the password.
    Go to Control Panel > Privilege and Sharing > Users, tap admin account and edit it.

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