Copy speed on NAS HDD between folders very slow

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Hi guys,
I seek help with my terrible transfer speed on my NAS326. 
I have decent download speed to the NAS, 50-100 MB, then good speed when uploading from laptop to the NAS but very terrible when i copy a folder from NAS to NAS, same hard drive. I only get 700kB
Basically I have folders on NAS by type so lets say i have a video in Video folder and when i try to move it to Music folder then its very very slow. But if i download to laptop and then upload in the desired folder it takes under a minute. Any idea?


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    When you copy a file from one share to another, you download and upload it in chunks. As far as you client knows the shares are different disks, and maybe even different servers, as SMB doesn't include the 'same disk' information.
    I think you are now hitting some timing barrier. Your client is copying in chunks of -say- 1MB. It downloads the first 4MB, finishes that transaction, then uploads it again. On the server the head has to move to the target position. write the data, and confirm it is written. The client will wait for this confirmation before it reads the next block. The head has to move to the read position...
    Maybe the client will even read back the written data, to see if it's written well.
    Anyway, the moving of the head combined with network latency is killing.

    Some versions of ZyXEL nasses have an underlying share (called 'Volume 1', or something like this) which is only accessible by admin, and which contains all other shares on this volume. The purpose of this share is to be able to move files between shares fast. As the client knows it's withing the same share, the move is only administrative, as thus blazing fast. Nothing is copied.
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    I am logged with admin, if i copy something from Music to Photo it takes ages, if i move something inside Photo is very fast. Same disk just different shares.

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