[NEBULA] How does Nebula devices communicate with Nebula Control Center ?

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There are four service ports currently being used for communicating between NCC and the Nebula devices.
  • Port 4335 and 6667 are used in TCP for Nebula Cloud Management(NETCONF).
  • Port 443 is used in TCP for Nebula Cloud Management(include firmware upgrade).
  • Port 123 is used in UDP for Network Time Protocol(NTP).

Ports information can be also obtained on NCC > Help > Firewall information

Communication between Nebula devices and NCC is named Call Home and comprised of 4 steps as below

1. Get IP address/ DNS Server from local DHCP Server
By default, Nebula devices are DHCP clients. When they are powered on, they will try to get IP address
and DNS Server information from local DHCP Server.

Next, they will proceed TCP Handshake to Nebula Control Center and then Nebula Control Center will establish TLS (Transport Layer Security) Handshake to the devices. This phase is called NETCONF over TLS


3. Synchronization Time
They will be provisioned by Nebula Control Center with NTP setting to synchronize time.

4. Configure and Monitor
In the last phase, by sending get/ edit-config requests from Nebula Control Center to Nebula devices,
users can configure feature settings and monitor the status of the devices on Nebula Control Center
web GUI platform. Above two steps, we called Cloud Connection between Nebula devices and Nebula
Control Center.