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I have an NSA310 with an attached additional USB disk drive on my network. Whenever I try to access the NAS drive from Windows Explorer running on one of my network PCs (e.g. to create a new folder on the NAS), it tells me "You need permission to perform this action". It does not provide me with any way of obtaining permission. I can't see any way on the NSA310 of giving permission to remote users (such as \\ROWAN_XPS8700\RowanB, which is how I'm logged onto my Windows PC. How do I get permission to access and write to my files on the NAS?

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    Open Command Prompt, type cmd at Windows search page.

    And then type net use * /delete to flash login history. After that, try again.

    If the problem is still existed, can you share some screenshots? And has any error message?

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