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I thought that was a wise choice to get a 3 device mesh, and I’still not sure if I mad a good choice.
The range between the multy is quite poor, at home not more that 8-10 meters.
The devices are not linkable via ethernet, but only with their radio system. This makes them useless in case of  thick walls. Plus there is non GUI interface on the devices, and you are obliged to use Zixel cloud App that relies  on the Zixel servers.
Bad is also that you cannot make them work as hotspots.
If you cannot interlink them, or try to keep them off the cloud for privacy,  You can practically trash them!
Did I make the best choice? I’m starting to think about it.


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    Dear Sir,
    1. Multy is able to connect with each other with Ethernet cable, and those nodes can also broadcast the WiFi at the same time.
    Please refer to this discussion:
     Let's discuss Ethernet backhaul benefit of Multy X!
    Or you can take a look the KB to the Build up Ethernet Backhaul on your Multy system:
     How to build a Ethernet backhaul on Multy X, Multy Plus, and Multy mini?

    2. The poor range of your wireless connection will shorten by the environment, such as walls, obstacles, if you have a thick wall or ceiling, it will affect the connection between them.

    3. Multy design for users is able to manage Multy from everywhere. To achieve this feature, it will require our server to bridge the data from Multy to your App.
    Our server is only for data relay from device to mobile app and there is no data stored on our cloud server.
    There are device and user account information stored only and this personal information is necessary for our service providing needed.
    By GDPR regulation, all these cloud service architecture is designed by privacy.
    Please check the link for more information. GDRP 

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