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What happened to Zyxel?

I recently bought 2 Multy X but I have to say that this is such an unsatisfying product to me.

It needs a bluetooth connection to set up??? Do I have now seriously have to wait in the cellar (5° C) starring at my mobile to set this thing up?

An app with lags where some arrows are flying around pointing to nowhere to entertain the customer and you can only guess what's happening behind the scenes until after minutes(!!) an error message is popping up and after confirming (...) the whole process starts from scratch over and over again. ...  (guess the arrows symbolize Zyxel looking for its direction...) 

Seems that they try to create a product on the shoulders of the customer, wasting his precious time for more profit.

Now my second Multy has stopped working, what really doesn't surprise me. (see Pictures)
Please don't tell me to reset it, because I've done this already several times.

How can I return it?




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    We have received your feedback from Multy App. We will directly contact you via mail, please check your mailbox for the support. Thank you.

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