LTE7240-M403 bootup time ~1hour to ~12 hours

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My LTE7240-M403 with firmware 1.00(ABMG.0)C0 usually takes between 1 hour - 12 hours to boot up.
While booting the green light on the PoE Injector blinks and there is no link in the LAN cable.
When properly booted the blinking green light is continously ON on the PoE Injector and the link is up in the LAN cable.

Using the factory default configuration:
- bootup is ~12 hours.
- rooter drops broadband link within couple of hours of usage
- there is a repeating error in the log:
May  1 00:00:30 daemon.err dnsmasq-dhcp: failed to read /etc/ethers: No such file or directory

Turning off DHCP server and switching off all logging:
- the bootup is ~1 hour.
- router keeps broadband link for at least 6 hours (still testing)

Is there a latest firmware I could use?

Does the 1-12 hours bootup time and DHCP server error classify as faulty device that can be replaced in warranty?



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    Hi Sir
    The latest FW is V2.00(ABMG.0)C0. It is available in our website, and I have sent you the FW link to your mailbox. Please help to receive it and let us know your test result. Thank you.

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