Can’t connect Google Home to Multy U router

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Just bought the Multy X Multy U and tried to change the wifi-settings to the new one. I get as far as to the google home connects to wifi but it says that something went wrong and that my mobile device and google home can’t connect to each other and therefore I can’t complete my configuration. 

Is there som setting that I’m missing on the router that blocks these kind of connections? 

Searched everywhere wirh no luck.
can someone help me? :)



  • Zyxel_Eric
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    Dear Sir,

    1. Do your phone and other devices occur any connection issue with Multy wifi?
    2. Did you enable the guest wifi?
    If your phone is connecting the main wifi, and the Google home is on Guest wifi, you will not able to manage the google home, due to they are on different networks.
    3. You will have to change the wifi connection on your google home to the Multy wifi before you remove the old router.
    Otherwise, you will have to reset your google home and reconfig it to the new SSID, because the Google home may still search for the previous wifi signal.
    4. Is it possible to record a video or picture when the Google home isn't able to connect the wifi?
  • Karolina
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    The google home has been reset since I could not just change the wifi. 

    I do not have the guest wifi enabled. 

    And Im sorry. It is not the multy x it is multy U. :):smile:

    google home gives the message that it could connect to wifi but cant connect between the google home and my iphone. I tried to movevthe google home to get it to connect to the 5 ghz wifi. Same as phone. But no difference. 

    I tried to google it with no result. Any idea? ;) 
  • Karolina
    Karolina Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Sorry. Yes when trying to connect to the google home. Every now and then the wifi disconnects. But only then. 
  • PeterK
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    My Multy U is on NAT mode, and I connect the Google Home Mini to the WiFi, and im able to control it via my phone.
    1. What is the model of your Google Home?
    2. Are you able to say some commend to Google Home, and is it able to respond to you?
    3. When your phone connects to the same SSID as the Google home connected, is your phone able to access internet?
    4. Can you share the screenshot of the Google Home App on your phone? Does Google home device appear on your Home App?

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