Wordpress on NSA325 v2 not connecting to mysql database

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1. You are currently using firmware version : V4.81(AALS.1).
EnabledPHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin 2.0zypkg009This tool can be used to manage MySQL through the web. Enter 'root' as the username and '1234' as the password to log in.http://****/pkg/phpmyadmin/

EnabledWordPressPHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin3.6.1zypkg009This allows you to create and manage a blog. Use the NAS administrator credentials to log in. The administrator can then create accounts for other users.http://*****/pkg/WordPress/

PhpMyadmin - it works correctly

WordPress - Error establishing a database connection

how to solve the case.


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    How do you want to apply WordPress? Any details?
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    I have a problem with this firmware installed on this NAS.
    Specifically, it was purchased about 4 years ago and I had no problem with it.

    I purchased it because I have a site with a database installed on it very important.
    Website that I use daily.

    From December 2019 I have the problem that I can no longer use the worpress database at all and it does not help me the purchased equipment.

    Unable to connect because the tables:

    Please help me solve the problem, otherwise I have to return it even if it has been many years of use because it is no longer useful!

    I look forward to your answer as soon as I can no longer use the equipment with the related software.

  • ClaudiuS
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