Why is the WebDAV interface not working on my NAS326?

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I want to share a folder called SLSL using the WebDAV interface. Therefore I took the following steps:
(1) I enabled WebDAV in the control panel of my Zyxel NAS326.
(2) I created a seperate user and verified the access rights of that user by loging in my NAS on the local network. I was able to both upload and download files using the FileBrowser.
(3) I browsed to: and entered the credentials of my seperate user. Then the response is: 


You don't have permission to access /webdav/SLSL/ on this server.

(4) As a last step I tried to use the webdav3.client of python (which is why I want the WebDAV interface). Using this interface I have read access to the SLSL folder, but no write access.

So, to me it looks like there is an inconsistency in the access rights between the different scenario's. Can someone help me out?


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