NAS542 - myZyXELcloud setup - UPnP error

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Hey everyone
I am trying to set up my cloud: I managed to pair the device, configure the ddns but the UPnP won't work (error: "Device not found").
I found this thread ( where the user had my same problem, but they simply changed the router.

If I go in the UPnP port mapping window of the NAS542 control panel I get this error: "Unable to find any UPnP supported routers", but if I go in my router's control panel I see that the UPnP function is already turned on (I already tried turning it on, off, same for the firewall..)

My router is a branded "Vodafone Power Station (shg3000)" and I can only find this option:

What can I do?


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  • Zyxel_Lukas
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    Hello @greggg,

    you might have to configure the port forwardings on your own, please consult the providers support so that they can give you instructions on that.

    In addition, please make sure that there is no carrier-grade NAT. Ask your provider if VPN and port forwardings are possible on your internet line.

  • greggg
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    Hello @skoob
    Thanks for your reply.

    The NAT is disabled (in the router's control panel there is an option called "Static NAT" that is turned off), VPN and port forwarding are possible. Right now the VPN is turned off (I can set client/server L2TP/PPTP but I still haven't tried those).

    Do you know what kind of ports I should forward, or even what I should ask my provider's techinicians?

    Some zyxel documentation said that the cloud's ports were in the range of 5000/5001 and 8000 but it wasn't very specific.


  • Zyxel_Lukas
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    Hi @greggg,

    so when port forwardings to other devices are working and you actually tested it, have a look here:

    It depends on which services you want to access. For web GUI TCP 443 is of course interesting.
    FTP would be port 21 TCP for example.


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