How to integrate internal and external drives to nfs?

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Hi all, I am running a 542. It works very well, no problems.
for a special purpose I need to activate nfs. So I installed the app, and tried to add my internal and external drives. But I’m not successful. It will only give the option to chose volume 1 or 2.
usually I’m using the Smb together with my macs and Apple TV and the drives are shared by all of them.
any idea, how to bring the drives into nfs?
I guess it’s important to mention, that I’m not using the drives in an raid, but separately each one for itself.
many thx, Gregor 


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  • Mijzelf
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    The default behavior of nfs on a ZyXEL NAS is that it creates a directory 'nfs' on a volume, and gives you the possibility to create one or more nfs shares inside. These shares are not shared by samba.

    Yet it is possible to share whatever you like. The file /etc/exports (actually a symlink to some file elsewhere) is persistent, and you can edit it.
  • Gregor
    Gregor Posts: 7  Freshman Member
    Hi mijzelf, and thanks for your reply. I am not an expert for all this. I have several drives running at the USB ports of the nas. If you have the time, could you give me a step by step explanation of how to make these drives nfs capable, please? I would be more than happy. 
    Many thanks and greets, Gregor 
  • Mijzelf
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    Create at least one nfs share, to be sure the file /etc/exports exists.
    Then enable the ssh server, and login over ssh.
    Then find the mountpoints of your USB disks:

    cat /proc/mounts | grep 'e-data'.

    Now look where /etc/exports points to

    ls -l /etc/exports

    If you have WinSCP you can use it to login on the NAS, and navigate to the actual exports file, and edit it.
    You see one or more lines describing the nfs shares. Create a new line which points to the USB disk mountpoint (/e-data/<something>) save it, and reboot the NAS.

  • Gregor
    Gregor Posts: 7  Freshman Member
    Ehm, thanks. I am sure that works. But I have no idea, what this all means. Anyway, it’s ok. I think I will have a workaround :.)

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