Connection problem between MultyX Nodes after Firmware update V2.20(ABKJ2)C0

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In my  Mesh Environment exist three Multy X after the firmware update it is no more possible to connect node 2 and node 3 to the Primary multy x. I reseted all Multys and try to connect without success.  I can add the node 2 but after adding to the Mesh Network it is grey out and offline.  I sended my logfile via Multy IOS App.  Please provide a fast solution, at the Moment my complete Network is down and i Need it for my IT work. 



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    Can i make a Downgrade of the actual Firmware ? 
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    Dear Sir,
    We have received your Feedback from Multy App, we will assist you via mail, please check your mailbox for further assistance.

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