NSA325 v2 backup is very slow

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Hello everyone,
I' m using BackupPlanner to backup a NSA325v2 to an external hard drive. The hard drive is plugged into the USB 3.0 port, but the speed is nowhere near what i would expect from USB 3.0. Sometimes the backup takes longer than a day. During the backup the CPU is constantly at 100% with 2 zysync processes using most of it, so the problem might not even be USB related.

Does anyone know what is slowing the backup down and how to solve the problem?
Thanks in advance.


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    Anjin, I have measured ~20MB/sec speed through the USB3. The port is surely not SS USB3 (5Gbits) :-) only the extra power (over 500mA) is there in my opinion.
    But unfortunately this info will not help you to have faster copy speed.

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