NAS 326 Twonky shows one file in all directories

pikehunter Posts: 6  Freshman Member
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I 've been using NAS326 and Twonky for over a year. Yesterday found that Twonky began to show in all directories one file, this is true for both video and music.
Tried to clean the fully scanned directory and fill it a little bit. Scanned the content and reset Twonky. The problem has not yet been solved, how can this be corrected?


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  • lodiabai
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    Go to NAS -> Control Panel -> Service -> Media Server -> Share Publish. Deselect everything and click "Apply". Then, select again everything in "Share Publish" and click "Apply". Does Twonky start showing all the files back?
  • pikehunter
    pikehunter Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    Tried to do so, everything did not help.
    Fixed the problem by deleting the file-level database

  • katas
    katas Posts: 9  Freshman Member
    Can you share the way about "deleting the file-level database"?

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