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I have a NAS326 which I installed but did not wish it to, then suddenly the router did not find NAS326.
The HD lights are blinking but the IP address is not visible on the router so I cannot access the NAS326 menu.
I reset the router but did not help.
Any ideas for what to do?
Regards Kauko


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  • lodiabai
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    When NAS326 is connected to the router, does LAN LED (NAS326 and the router) light?
    Do you hear any beep on NAS326?

    Here is Rescue Sticks, please find it.
  • Kauko
    Kauko Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    The problem went away!
    I found the RESET button on the back of the NAS326 which I pressed for about 5 seconds, after a while the device was factory set, after which the router found the IP address !.
    The quick guide that came with the device did not mention the reset button.
    Perhaps it would have been mentioned in the more extensive use manual if I had "smarted" to search the web.
    Thank you for the link you provided.

    Best Regards Kauko

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