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Hi, is it possible define scheduled autoreboot LTE3301 model or just for brandband interface ?


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    Hi JanneS, 

    Neither option is available on the GUI. 
    Is there any problem with your LTE3301-PLUS?


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    I'm really interested to define a scheduled reboot too. My LTE PLUS lost wan connection after a couple of hours and the only way to reconnect is reboot the router. I already asked for a hardware substitution so I can exclude hardware problem. Seems a firmware problem but there isn't any firmware update
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    I'd also like to note the necessity of such a feature. Especially on rural remote locations, band availability have problems. I left my modem on forced 4G mode with some specific bands to use (LTE_BC1, LTE_BC41), however, I lost connection after 30 days, when I came back after 3 months, I found my modem stuck at WCDMA900 mode. Only a reboot solved the problem. TP-LINK modems have such a feature. In case of losing remote connection, this feature would at least give a time window to have your work done. It is important for remote surveillance.

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