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Hello, I have a 1000 Mbps connection, and when I test the speed (both wired and wifi) I get somewhat close to this. But when I use the in app speed test, between internet and my router (main router), I never get more than 480-490 Mbps. Is there a cap/limit on the in app speed test at 500 Mbps?


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    Dear Sir,

    The Diagnose speedtest result is for reference, and the result will due to the design limitation of the sync process from Multy to Multy App. If you would like to get a much correct test result, please test it on you devices, and access Speedtest website or other websites which focus on network speed test.

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    Would I get faster r speeds with daisy chain off or on ? 
  • PeterK
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    I tried it before, it didn't make any difference. The performance is the same with or without the Daisy chain on.

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