Why does AiShield still block IPs on the trusted list as threats?

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I use Multy X in my home for wifi and LAN connectivity. I have added some IPs, associated with the TIDAL online music service, to the AiShield trusted list. However sometimes AiShield still blocks these IPs as a threat even though they are trusted.

Please can you advise how I can ensure that my music service is always accessible with AiShield IPS enabled?

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  • PeterK
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    I have try the TIDAL on my Multy system, and AiShield on, but I didn't get any blocked message or any issue during the streaming.

    The IPS had upgrade today, you can check the IPS upgrade time on the Menu of AiShield. Do you still have the issue? 
    Can you share the screenshot of the threat record that blocked your Music server? and the detail of that Threat?

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