Performance issues with AiShield

hirte_7 Posts: 14  Freshman Member
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Hi, I have signed for the trial period with AiShield on Multy X router. Performance speed test without the AiShield should get me approximately 950mbit. Now with the service running, I see something around 500mbit. I will do some more longtime measurements but wanted to know if such a difference in speed is considered normal when using AiShield?



  • PeterK
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    I have signed the AiSHield too, and AiShield doesn't affect the performance that much in my Network, but it will affect when I enable the Anti-Virus.
    Have you enabled the Anti-Virus?

  • hirte_7
    hirte_7 Posts: 14  Freshman Member
    Hi, no Anti-Virus is not enabled. Will make some performance test over the coming week with AiShield disabled and enabled. 

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