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I got a NSA325 V1 and cannot install the BackupPlanner from the PackageManagement
Do anyone know why?


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  • Raffe51
    Raffe51 Posts: 5  Freshman Member
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    The Problem is solved. Had to install a new Metarepository, a new web_prefix file.
    After that I could get a new Packagelist and had no problem to install thr BackupPlanner.

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  • Raffe51
    Raffe51 Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    It stops at 25%. I have restarted the NAS. No change
  • Penny
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    Is there any message pop-up after click "Retrieve List From Internet"?

    How about other packages? Can you able to install others?
  • Raffe51
    Raffe51 Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    Thank you Penny for answering.
    Yeas, I can install other packages. I did install pyLoad without problems.
    There are no messages after I done a "Retrieve List From Internet". It just open a pop-up windows, but will not find any new packages.It says prograss 0% and then disapears after some seconds.
    I did attach a file with the picture of my packages.

  • Raffe51
    Raffe51 Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    I am using  NSA325_4.81(AAAJ.1)

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