Help! can’t access my 325v2 online utility

Cashless Posts: 2  Freshman Member
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Since installing an Orbi mesh system I have been unable to access the web GUI. Reset username and password but to no avail. I can watch movies and see everything on the hard drive using FileBrowser app but can not get into the online utility to change any settings. It’s driving me nuts


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  • Cashless
    Cashless Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    i have tried with Iphone, win 10 laptop and win 7 htpc but all do the same thing, just loading circle continuously spinning
  • lodiabai
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    What do you mean about "online utility"?
    Is possible to provide related screenshots?

    Do you able to find NAS325v2's IP address from Orbi mesh system?
    If yes, when you access NAS325v2's IP address, can you see login page of NAS325v2's web interface?

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