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I have two multys, one in the house and one in an outbuilding with cat 6 to both. I have a number of sonos speakers all connected to the by router (fibre to the premises) and two multys. I use the same username. I am now having real difficulties with the Sonos which jumps in and out of signal. Sonos has suggested it’s a channel thing, but I cannot fix the the multy’s channel. They have also suggested moving to DHCP enabled, but I don’t know how to enable and I doubt this will fix the problem...suggestions please.
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    Dear Sir,

    1. What is your Network topology? Please share the connection of your modem and two Multys.
    Please note, Do not connect Second Multy directly to the Modem. If you have connected the second Multy to the Modem, please reboot the second Multy after unplug the Ethernet cable.
    The correct topology should be:
    Modem----<WAN>Multy1<LAN>-----<WAN>Multy 2

    2. What is the Network mode of your Multy, NAT Mode or Bridge Mode?

    3. Are you able to open the Multy App?

    4. Do your phone or other wireless devices able to access the internet via Multy wifi?

    5. Is it possible to share the screenshot of the error message from Sonos app?

    6. If the issue still remains, please Send Feedback from your Multy App, and we can analyze your log to clarify this problem.


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