LTE7460-M608, firmware update issue

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as title says, firmware update does not go trough.

After uploading on management page, comes FAIL-popup.

Current FW version is:V1.00(ABJW.1)C0

in Zyxel firmware download page, also in ftp-page all FW's are V.1.00'(ABFR.x)C0
i have tried update firmware also via telnet/tftp programs, no luck/i didn't get right commands.

Zyxel support says that take connect to your ISP but i don't know ISP because this is used device.

is there a way to open write lock? or is this just not updateable?

In telnet login it says: msm V.100(ABJV.1)C0 LTE7460 and help command says that GNU bash version is 4.3.47(1)





  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi sir, we have some question need check with you. Please let we discuss via Message. Thank you.
  • Jari_S
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    If you found a solution to update LTE7460 devices with firmware named ABJW, can you share solution(s)?

    I am having a similar issue with LTE7460 device with firmware V1.00(ABJW.0)C0.
  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi Jari_S, please share below information with us.
    1.May I know what is your country?
    2.What's the serial number of your LTE7460?
    3.How did you get this LTE7460? 
    4.If you got this LTE7460 from ISP(mobile network provider), please share ISP name with us.

    Thank you.
  • Jari_S
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    I will send you the details via message.

  • Tombba
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    I have the same problem, please provide solution.

  • Hi, I have exactly the same problem. The modem is functioning, but using the V1.00(ABJW.1)C0 firmware. Updating to the latest firmware returns an error.

    The modem should not be operator locked. Please advise, it is an expensive piece of kit.
  • Hey, i have same issue as above posters, V1.00(ABJW.0)C0 and no success with firmware updating.

    Connection has been a bit unstable lately so i'd like to try updating to newest firmware. 

    Origin Finland and this device is obtained through dna. (old business device removed from use) 
  • Jari_S
    Jari_S Posts: 3  Freshman Member

    To further comment this issue. I have asked from DNA support that could they provide newer version of ABJW-firmware. According to DNA support, DNA has never done firmware for LTE7460.

    I have found and article that has following statement: To further optimize the use of DNA’s fast mobile network, Zyxel designed a customized firmware for DNA.
  • Having the same issue, has anyone solved this?
  • Abe_81
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    I have succesfully updated ABJW.1 to ABFR.4 and ABJW.2 to ABFR.4 and then used http to update to ABFR.5 

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