[LTE3316-M604] How to use VoLTE?

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How to use VoLTE in LTE3316? i didn't find the setting...


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  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
    Zyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 187  Zyxel Employee
    Hi Shawn_S , VoLTE is a customized software feature for ISP.
    Please refer the information from Zyxel global website.
  • rmol
    rmol Posts: 1
    Hi Support, what does this mean "VoLTE is a customized software feature"?

    I would like to know whether the Zyxel LTE3316-M604 supports VoLTE for the provider Telefonica O2 in Germany, or not.
    I know that Zyxel LTE3316-M604 supports in principle both voice modes VoLTE (4G) and CSFB (3G), but I am specifically interested in the VoLTE mode for simcards from Telefonica O2 Germany.
  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
    Zyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 187  Zyxel Employee
    If service provider have support VoLTE also ask Zyxel support it in firmware. Then it may have their separate firmware support VoLTE for provider Telefonica O2.
    LTE3316-M604 not supports VoLTE for Telefonica O2 in Germany.

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