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Giovanni Canè
Giovanni Canè Posts: 1
edited March 2020 in Multy WiFi System
In the last few days, even thought my Multy setup has been working for the last year and still works for internet, the iPhone app (latest version) won’t connect, saying it is “Connecting”, but it never does so.


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  • KevinZE
    KevinZE Posts: 27  Freshman Member
    What is the Multy, Multy X, Plus., or U?
    Do you sign up the Zyxel account to pair with your Multy?
    If you do have zyxel account, you can reinstall the App, and log in the account. will the Multy appear?
    If it still not work, you should Send feedback from your Multy App, and Zyxel will assist you.

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