How to build a Ethernet backhaul on Multy X, Multy Plus, and Multy mini?

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1. Please put each Multys in short distances, and run the installation on all of Multy wirelessly before you build an Ethernet backhaul, make sure all of them are able to work.
2. After the Multy installation competes, please move them to the position, and plug the power cable and Ethernet cable as below topology.
Multy system can have many combinations, below are few examples.
1. If you only have two Multy, please connect them as below.

2. If you have more than two Multys, please connect them as Star Topology, Daisy Chain, or Hybrid Topology.

3. If your environment doesn't allow you to build a full Ethernet backhaul, you can mix the wireless and wired backhaul in your Multy system.

4. Multy also supports Ethernet backhaul with switch, below is star topology with a Switch.

5. Multy mini also support Ethernet backhaul, but please note,
    1) Multy mini requires only Multy X as a Root.
    2) Multy mini cannot work with Multy Plus or Multy U.
    3) Multy mini has to be the last node.

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