WSQ50 - Bridge codes to connect to Huawei B525s-23a

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I have a 4G Huawei Router B525s-23a and I have purchased 4 Zyxel WSQ50 for my mesh network.I have contacted my 4G supplier for advice howe to connect the Huawei to the Zyxel and the say they need "bridge codes" from you to set it up. Can you help me?
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    You will need Multy App on your phone to start the installation.
    Can you install Multy X with your 4G router on the Multy App?
    You can connect 4G Router and Multy as below via Ethernet cable, and start the installation.
    4G router(lan port)----(wan port)Multy

    After the first Multy set up, you can follow the instructions on Multy App to install other nodes.

    If you want to set the Multy to Bridge mode, you can set it via Multy App >> Menu bar >> Setting >> Network Mode.

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