Aishield limiting online time for iOS devices

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limiting online time for iOS devices doesn‘t work correctly with aishield. The reason is - aishield is counting iCloud access time as online time, and most iOS devices do go online whenever they need to to synchronize with the cloud.
So, as a result, if I e.g. configure 1hr online time for my kids, this online time is eaten by iCloud communication, without my kids even touching an iPad.

aishield must exclude iCloud time from the calculation, or make an option for user to exclude whatever he wants to...

Without this option limiting online time on iOS devices isn‘t really usable...



  • Scofield
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    The Daily access time is according to the traffic from devices to count the time.
    And most of the mobile devices always need internet access, even it is idle because of the background work on Apps may require internet access. so I don't think they can limit every app to stop the background work which will require internet access. The best way is to disable the wifi while the devices are idle.
  • A_lexx
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    Well, it's clearly showing iCloud as a service eating up online time. And since the services are listed anyway - why don't let me, a user, decide, which one counts as online time and which as a background process... It would be so eays to implement, just an additional switch on the icon of the service, which allows to include/exclude this service/app from the calculation. Information for that is already there collected by the router...

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