Aishield on Android - chinese menues popping up on my German smartphone

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The android aishield app has not been localized properly for German users. There are some menues in Chinese popping up when selecting a picture for a profile.
My overall impression of aishield is that of a very ‚beta‘ product. I find it a bit strange to already charge a full price for a yearly  subscription.

One item that e.g. doesn‘t work at all - there is no way to setup a black/white list simultaneously for all profiles. There is an option for that on a main security screen, but when you click on it, you cannot add anything. Neither on android nor on iOS version of the app...



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    The options of Forbidden list and Trusted list are for the threat and warning records.
    You can add the IP or websites which are detected as threat (AiShield will block the threats) into Trusted list, and it will allow you to access the IP or server without been filtered. 
    And the warning record can be added to Forbidden list because AiShield will not block the IP which detected as warning.!viewDetail.action?articleOid=017828&lang=EN
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    Why not make it further configurable for any kind of servers as well?

    An issue I ran into: I want to block advertisement on all 5 of my profiles. But I do want to keep advertisement from google search. So, I had to manually enter exactly the same white list entry for google into each and every of the 5 profiles, pretty silly exercise to do, especially taking into consideration how slow an laggy the app's interface is...

    It would be much better to allow for a general black/white list, that covers all profiles.

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