[NEBULA] Is it possibile to customize the HTML of captive portal? If yes, where is it?

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Is it possible to customize HTML of captive portal? If yes, where is it?

Yes, it is possible to edit the HTML and CSS code of captive portal if you wish to customize it to your own style or layout. You can either edit HTML through Nebula control center, or edit the template provided on NCC and host the portal page through your own webserver.

1. Edit on NCC
Go to Configure > Access point > Captive portal customization page and create a copy of the default theme if you haven't.

Save the configuration and press the edit button where the screenshot depicts.

In the next page, you can choose the template from different authentication pages or the CSS stylesheet, and press edit to open up the edit page.

Here you are able to edit codes of the select page.

*Note that we have embedded Javascript for authentication flows in the HTML codes, please do not change the pre-defined Javascript declaration and functions.

2. Edit by external webpage.

You can download the templates under captive portal page.

The zip file will contain the same files as those on edit HTML page. You can then host the webpage and configure the external portal URL for service.