Installation of Multy Mini not recognising Bluetooth on iPhone

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Trying to add a Mini to existing setup and each time it hangs at telling me to turn on Bluetooth when its already on.


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    Installation of Multy Mini not recognising Bluetooth on iPhone. Each time I get to blue flashing light point and try to connect a window comes up that says Bluetooth not connected when it is, as the app will not open initially without telling me to switch on Bluetooth. Obviously not happy as over 2 hours trying to add a mini to Multy system which is working fine. Have restarted iPhone and reset mini. Help please as I can’t find any watt to talk to somebody Does seem to be a clear installation issue.
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    OK have had an email exchange with TS and they suggested deleting and reinstalling the app.
    Here is my response after doing that, a tad hesitantly as to what I would need to reinstall within the app:
    "OK so it worked.
    It was the delete app and reinstall that was the key.
    What I didn’t know was that if I reinstall the app and then log-in all my existing settings data is restored.
    Is this info known? As if I knew probably would have tried it myself, but hesitated as was thinking you would have to set up system from scratch.
    Given both the Multy X’s were performing ok…..
    Anyway sorted though one question remains as to what the app, though performing fine had a malfunction in terms of not recognising Bluetooth when adding new devices?"
    So case closed

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