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Atif Unaldi
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I was very happy and using Multy U for 3-4 months and then got a firmware update and just after the installation the second one gives a weak signal message. I change the places now it doesn't give a weak signal but not extended as usual. I mean couldn't get signal from some places of my home. current firmware version is v1.00 abmy.10 how can I downgrade to the previous versions. 


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  • PeterK
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    Have you tried to move the second node back to the previous location?
    You can get better performance with the new location on the second node, but the signal coverage will change due to the different location.
    Seems the previous place does get a weak signal, but it provides you the coverage that you need and the acceptable performance. I think you can ignore the message, and keep it in the old place.
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    I have the same problem. After upgrading the firmware, the second Multy is reporting weak signal. Both Multys has the exact same location as before. There must be a bug in this firmware. Multy Plus. 
  • Speedwagon
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    No firmware problem. A reboot took care of my weak signal. I now have perfect signal between my Multys and backhaul speed is back to 500 Mbps. 
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    Same here made another post a few days after yours at

    Bump at Zyxel team to have a look?
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    We had looked into this problem. We found this problem on the Dashboard of Multy App.
    We had fix this issue on next App version(2.3.10), it will release before the end of May. 
    Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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