LTE7460-M608 Bridge Mode NAT?

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I have my device in bridge mode, when I traceroute I can see the device. This is unexpected. Causing a double NAT. Is there a way to disable NAT so my router does not see the LTE7460-M608? Running latest: V1.00(ABFR.4)C0.

Router =
LTE7460-M608 =

I can also access the LTE7460 menu's from my LAN without a static route proving that NAT must be enabled.

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    Hi FredD , when you switch LTE7460 to bridge mode and the NAT has disabled already. LTE7460 and DSL CPE have different bridge mode behavior as you saw. It's a design for user convenient access and manage LTE7460 that when LTE7460 switch to bridge mode it will create a iptable rule for only on LAN device which obtain IP address from WAN it could directly access LTE7460 LAN IP without setup static IP address. Otherwise, other LAN devices(which not obtain IP from WAN) unable access LTE7460 LAN IP unless these devices setup static IP address.
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    That does make sense :smile:
    Thanks for the response.

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