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Hello! I'm going to buy the LTE7460-M608 modem. And I have some questions:
1. Need I to buy some router too?
2. If I need in, can I use the ZYXEL KEENETIC 5BB4DC router with LTE7460-M608 modem? Or I shouid buy another router? May be NBG6615?

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    Hi Igor Kaufman , it's depending on the numbers and type of your terminal devices you would like connect to LTE7460 whether you need to connect a router(it's no restrictions on the brand of router) behind LTE7460 or not.
    Following for your reference:
    - If you only have one wired terminal device(like a PC) connect to LTE7460, you can directly connect the device to the LTE7460 Ethernet port.
    - If you have more than one wired terminal devices(like more laptops and PCs) connect to LTE7460, you can connect a HUB to LTE7460 Ethernet port to share the network with your terminal devices.
    - If you have more wired and wireless terminal devices(such as mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and PCs) connect to LTE7460, you can connect an AP router(such as NBG6615) to share the network to your terminal devices.

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