Access Denied for DLNA (Twonky) Media Server in Windows and Android and BubbleUPNP

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I have recently configured Twonky Media Server on Zyxel NAS326  V5.21(AAZF.7). Simply in Settings >> Media Server >> Enable Twonky Media Server. I also successfully configured several folders in Share Publish and made sure that these folders are actually published in each folder settings. Overall config looks like in the picture below:

I can access the configuration page of the Twonky server fine 

Additionally I can also access files via Twonky File Browser or directly accessing Video Folder via web browser

However, the problems start when I want to access shared folders by any other way via Windows Browser, Windows Media Player, Android app BubbleUPnP or Windows VLAN VLC. I tested this on multiple devices, multiple phones and computers on local LAN and could get this work. 

Access denied in Windows: 

Access denied in Vlan VLC: 

Access Denied in Windows Media Player 

Access Denied in BubbleUPnP app in Android: 

How can I access the shared folders and files in other DLNA clients? Because I am getting error on multiple devices where it's not possible to add credentials, I susspect that anonymous login can be the cause and must be required in configuration. I suppose I need to change something in the configuration of Twonky server but I am not sure what. Maybe playing around with twonkyserver.ini file?

Any suggestions? 

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  • Kim
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    Maybe you can check the security setting of Twonky server.
    In the Security > Devices, did you enable sharing for the new media receivers automatically and enable the list below?
    If yes, try to reset list and enable again and then save the changes to test if it is still unable to access.

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