Multy X and Fringbox - device blocking - need help

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Hello, I am basically happy with my Multy X.  The problem is that the device blocking is not working correctly using Aishield.  My kids simpel connect the device they are using with another IP address and are not blocked anymore.  Also the login time and overall response time using Aishield really sucks and make you think your are using a 14.4 kbps modem from the 80's.  So I purchased a fing box to block my kids devices.  Unfortunately the fing box is using ARP spoofing which is also not working with the Multy X.  I did read that APR spoofing cannot be disabled on Multy X.  Did anyone find a workaround?  or has another idea?  Maybe an older version of the firmware is available were I can turn off APR spoofing.  Any suggestion are welcome.  Thanks much, Sam


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    What do you mean that the device blocking isn't working correctly?
    They still cannot access the internet even if the device IP changed. I changed the IP of my devices, but it still gets blocked base on the limited schedule. 
    As I know, the Device list recognizes the device mac address, but not the IP.

    However, I know some of the Andriod phones can set the wifi mac address as random to connect wifi, such as my Pixel 3.
    The phone will connect the wifi with a different mac address, and Multy will recognize it as a different device. In this case, this phone will be able to access the internet.
     I think none of parental control features which base on the Mac address can limit this connection.

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