Cannot access some shares in Windows Explorer

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I have created  on my NAS325 v2 three shares (S1, S2, S3), to be used by three users (U1, U2, U3). I don't remember what exactly I did when I created S1 and S2 some time ago, but when I look into the settings, it seems to be the same for all: The owner of all is "admin"; admin and U1 have full access to S1, admin and S2 full access to S2 and admin and U3 full access to S3. However, from the Windows explorer (Win10; after opening \\NAS325 I see all three S1, S2 and S3):
- I can access S1 from any computer; on my own directly, from others by giving user name U1 and the corresponding password
- I can access S2 from any computer without giving user name and password
- I cannot access S3 at all. After typing U3 and the corresponding password (same with "admin" and admin-password), I get an error message that I do not have the rights required to access the network resource.
Any one and idea what I do wrong and where the differences may come from? Thanks for any help - I don't have much experience with these things.


  • Kim
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    You can check S3's shared folder access if U3 is configured to no access.

    If it is not configured to no access, maybe you can try to clean the authority cache on PC. 
    The link below is the post which is similar to your problem and you can refer to it
  • xwr
    xwr Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Thanks, Kim, the link you gave me helped. It was not clear to me that you cannot connect to different shares with different names / passwords on the same server. After deleting one connection with "net use", I can open the other one. I also found on the web a possible "work-around", if you do not use the name (\\nsa325) but the IP as server name, you can connect to a second share with other credentials.

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