NSA 325v2: Metarepository won't work

My config became a bit chaotic, and wanted to start poff from scratch. I did a hard reset and a firm re-install, followed http://zyxel.diskstation.eu/Users/Mijzelf/zypkg-repo/README.html , but Metarepository does not seem to load the packages. I checked and it has the right entry in config file: 
# Mijzelf's repository
Yet when I rerieve lists from internet, it shows up empty again and again (apart from the metarepo pkg).

I tried downloaded some packages from the repo, copied them to MyRepo (/i-data/md0/admin/MyRepo/ ), refreshed pkg from internet, disabled, repo, enabled repo, refreshed again: still nothing

I removed ZYPKGS, everything seems OK now.


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    I removed ZYPKGS, everything seems OK now.

    So, you problem is solved?

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