on NSA 320 only data until 2018 available

one RAID 1 disk  out of of my ancient Zyxel 320 NAS degradedd last night. As a consequence datga from 2018 until now are not available.

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  • Kim
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    I think you can go to Storage Manager > Internal Storage > Hard Disk and use SMART to check which disk is broken and replace it

  • Mijzelf
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    If after degradation files from 2018 and newer are not visible anymore, the array was already degraded in 2018. As a consequence only one disk was upgraded since then, and now that 2nd disk died, and somehow the NAS found back & mounted the old one.

    Can you open the telnet backdoor, and post the output of

    cat /proc/partitions
    cat /proc/mounts
    mdadm --examine /dev/sd[ab]2

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