Fix LTE Band on ZyXEL LTE3302-M432

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Good afternoon,
How to fix LTE3302 on a specific Band?
Firmware V1.00 (ABKQ.1) C0
There is no such possibility in the web interface itself, but there is possibility of connecting to the device via Telnet, but the account there does not match the account for accessing the web interface, instead of admin, there is root in telnet but the password is unknown (and it does not work from admin).

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  • Alex_A
    Alex_A Posts: 3
    Does anyone know root password for Telnet?
    For LTE3301 i found one: root pswd: amittima
  • JMZZ
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    Hi Alex_A
    do you find a way to force LTE band ?
    in Telnet the pswd you provide no more act on last firmware update ...
  • bombel
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    I can telnet into the LTE3302 but no idea how to set a fixed operation band. Can you point me in the right direction?


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