Issue remote code injection NAS326

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Hi @Zyxel_Support

I have had unfortunately been hit with this ransomware. It looks to have reset/locked my password for ssh but not the GUI. I was able to login and I managed to upgrade firmware. However I was not able to reset the admin password via the GUI as it gave an error each time.

I have followed the 1 bleep reset and that didn't do anything. Followed the 2 bleep reset and that did reset the password. However now the admin account will only accept the default password, when I change it the system doesn't accept it and it loops back to having to try log in with the default again.

What do I do with this device now?


  • Sakura_T
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    Try remove all HDD and reset again? maybe the problem is on disks.
  • Hill
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    Are you using special characters in your password?

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