NAS540: Second volume - Will that work?

Barney Schulz
Barney Schulz Posts: 3  Freshman Member
Hi Folks.

My 540 has been running for quite a while, so far no problems (knock on wood). Latest firmware (V5.21 AATB.5) is on.

The other day that idea crawled my mind, that I need all my movies, that I've got on DVD, on my NAS. Right now I have a RAID1 working, with 2 WD Red, 2 TB each, storing music, photos and mol important data.
My plan is to put another single WD Red (2 or 3 TB) in the 3rd slot and make it a new volume. That is, where I want to save all my movies. I don't need any backup-, mirror- or RAID-stuff, if that HD crashes one day, I'll get me a new one and copy my DVDs again. My aim is to watch any movie I like on every possible TV in the house. Basically this works of course, I tested "The Big Bus" on my existing RAID1...

Question now: Will this still work, when I have these movies on another volume? Will that cause troubles, if I first hear a song or watch a photo that lies on my existing Volume 1 and after that watch a movie, that is lying on Volume 2, on the same TV-set?

Thank you very much. Stay safe,

Barney Schulz


  • Kim
    Kim Posts: 37  Freshman Member
    I think it is able to work to have movies on another volume, just create a share folder and put movies in it then mount the folder to the new volume.
  • Barney Schulz
    Barney Schulz Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Thanks Kim! I'll order a new HD, mount it and give you a feedback!
  • Barney Schulz
    Barney Schulz Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Here we go: Feedback.

    Like you said - no prob with that 2nd volume. Great, thank you!

    Well wait - using both volumes at the same time turns the 540 into a big fat snail. But again "no prob", while working I don't watch movies and v.v.

    Thank & see you,


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