NAS236 backup to iSCSI targets

nmoon Posts: 2  Freshman Member
I only have one NAS and live in the US where capped connections are the norm meaning I can't backup my entire 4TB of storage online. I would like the ability to backup to devices which work over iSCSI INCLUDING TAPE DRIVES which is what I want to do in case of a dual hard disk failure so nothing is lost.


  • Scofield
    Scofield Posts: 18  Freshman Member
    If you aim for backup ability, you should go for disk array like RAID1.
  • Emerald Dragon
    Emerald Dragon Posts: 118  Ally Member
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    I agreed with @Scofield on this one. At first when I read your comment @nmoon, I thought you already had RAID1 setup and needs more redundancy backup with iSCSI. especially when you said dual disk failure.
  • nmoon
    nmoon Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I have RAID1 already but it is possible for a drive to fail in a rebuild and I want protection against that. I have a strange setup for a home user in the form of an LTO4 tape drive and I would like to backup data to that directly from the NAS as it is already setup as an iSCSI target.

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